Study in UK

Undertaking an education in the United Kingdom will not only mean the opportunity to experience this extraordinary country, but also the broad spectrum of educational opportunities offered there. The UK represents a convergence of tradition and innovation that spills over into its education system – the accredited reputation of UK universities is a product of their rich heritage and stream of research output. The universities of our Group continually fare well in international rankings, whilst Oxford and Cambridge are some of the most ancient and prestigious institutions in the world. There are more than a quarter of a million international students residing in the UK at any one time, fostering a richly diverse and open-minded student culture that you too can be a part of by choosing to undertake an education in the United Kingdom.

It is the world leader in many areas of education which include engineering, science, business, management, law, finance, art and design. London, the capital city, has been consistently featuring in the top 10 liveable cities of the world for international students. Its reputation and legacy as an epicentre for scientific research make it a sought-after study destination, especially for some of the best thinkers in the world.

Country :     United Kingdom.
Currency :     Pound sterling (£).
Population :     65 million.
Area :     242,495 km².
Students :     2, 600,000 (420,000 international).
Academic Year :     September - May.
Languages :     English .
Call code :     +44.
Time Zone :     UTC+1.