Study in Portugal

Through the Bologna Process, higher education in Portugal is aligned to other countries in Europe, making Portuguese Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degree and Doctorates comparable across the continent.

Similar to other countries, Portugal distinguishes between primarily research-driven universities and more practice-oriented polytechnics. Most courses are taught in Portuguese, but there is a growing number of courses taught in English - particularly at the Master’s level.

Portugal’s oldest university looks back at a history of more than 700 years: The University of Coimbra was founded in 1290 and today educates some 22,000 students. This university benefits from one of the largest cohorts of international students in Portugal.

Capital :     Lisbon
Currency :     EUR
Population :     10,524,000
Listed universities :     17
Study programmes :     21
Ranked universities :    11-20
Languages :     English.
Call code :     +351
Time Zone :     UTC (WET) UTC−1 (Atlantic/Azores)