Study in France

Study in France is one of the most popular options for students who want to study abroad. France is an excellent choice for any prospective international student. There are over 3,500 institutes that offer higher education. Out of these, 77 institutes are public-funded universities that offer degrees in all disciplines and research centers, a parallel system of Grandes Ecoles for scientific, business, art and other programs through 5-year diplomas which are equivalent to Master degree, schools for architecture studies, over 3,000 schools offering degree on various subjects, like hotel management, tourism, engineering, social work and culinary arts, etc.

Capital :     Paris.
Motto :     Liberty equality fraternity.
Currency :     Euro.
Official language :     French.
Climate :     Temperate.
Population (2017) :     66,991,000.
Government :     Republic .
President :     Mr. Emmanuel Macron.
Prime minister :     Mr. Edouard Philippe.
Religion :     France is a secular country where freedom of religion is a constitutional right.

Why study in France?

Here the top most reason that attracts you to Study in France are:

  • France is world’s fifth-largest economy; it is also the fourth most popular destination for international students.
  • Tuition rates are same for all the international students, regardless of their country.
  • Thus, quality of education and study environment is primary at France institutes.
  • France diplomas are recognized and accepted throughout the world.
  • France possesses a large geographic variety.
  • It has a world class health care and transportation system.