Study in Australia

Australia is an incredible, beautiful country with endless opportunities. It is a natural wonderland of sublime glamour, incredible ancient rock formations, breathtaking beaches, crystal blue waters and pristine rainforests. Australia is the sixth-largest country in the world and has the lowest population density per square kilometer. The majority of Australia’s atypical flora and fauna can be found nowhere else in the world and the lifestyle is surely one-of-its-kinds. The Capital of Australia is Canberra which is another beautiful state of the country. Known globally as one of the world’s most diverse and welcoming countries, with migrants from about 200 countries, the Australian society is a mixture of cultures that blend into a tolerant and relaxed lifestyle. Australia has consistently ranked in the world’s top 10 most liveable countries

The contemporary lifestyle and indigenous culture attracts many international students every year.

Capital :     Canberra.
Currency :     Australian Dollar ($).
Population :     24.2 million.
Area :     7.692 million km².
Students :     1.3 million (328,659 international).
Academic Year :     February - November.
Languages :     English .
Call code :     +61.
Time Zone :     UTC+8 to +10.5.